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Step 1—
Decide if you require standard editing, rush editing or special service:

Standard Editing: Submit your text document(s) of up to 5,000 words for turnaround in 48-72 hours. Longer projects may require more time. Service includes proofreading for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting as well as copyediting for word choice, clarity, emphasis, organization, logic and continuity.

Rush Editing: If you prefer to have your project turned around in 24-36 hours, you may request RUSH service. Rush projects are accepted as time and workload permit.

Special Service: If your document requires major rewriting and reorganizing beyond the standard proofreading and copyediting functions described above, or if you have a long, complex or recurring project, send a description and/or sample to editing@jpaull.com for a customized quote on service.

Note that Paull Editing Services offers to improve your writing, not to compose text for you. Paul Editing Services reserves the right to refuse any submission.

Step 2—
Submit your project by e-mail to editing@jpaull.com as an attachment in MS Word or Corel WordPerfect format. Include in your e-mail message:

  1. Whether you request standard editing, rush editing or a special quote for service
  2. Your preference for payment
If this procedure is not feasible for you, contact editing@jpaull.com for alternative instructions.

Step 3—
Joanne Paull will send you a return message to acknowledge receipt of your material, respond to any special issues and accept (or decline) the project. Please note that she does not use auto-responders. She will take the time to review your message adequately before she answers.

Step 4—
Once your project has been accepted, editing will begin. The style guideline used is The Chicago Manual of Style. While editing is in progress, you may initiate payment procedures as appropriate.

All revisions of your document will be marked during the editing process using the tracking tool in MS Word or Corel WordPerfect so that when the document is returned to you, you will be able to:

  1. View/print the document in its proposed final form,
  2. View/print the document showing the proposed changes,
  3. Accept or reject each proposed change (or "accept/reject all" in one step).

Comments will be inserted where appropriate to pose questions or give you additional suggestions to help you further improve the particular document and your future work.

Step 5—
Upon completion of the editing project as described above and, if you are a first-time client, upon receipt of payment by Paull Editing Services (see choices in PAYMENT section), your document will be returned to you as an e-mail attachment unless you make arrangements for alternative delivery.